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Poppy's Anthem
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Poppy's Anthem

“I’m not an addict!” Rock legend, Wild’s life is falling apart. The problem with fame and fortune is that you can’t trust anyone. Everyone wants a piece of him. They’re all stalkers! He fantasizes about finding his Elevator Girl—that kiss! He’d love to run into her again, but he didn’t even get her name . . . life is full of regrets.
Living a life so immersed in the world of reading and writing romance can be dangerous for a young woman, like the night Poppy Talbot allowed herself to believe in the happy endings all those romance novels promise. Her First Kiss, the guy she’s been dreaming about for seven years, amazingly stumbles into her life again, proving that fantasies can come true . . . but fantasies don’t break your heart.

Poppy's Anthem is a standalone novel



Our small group of soldiers for hire are keeping our backyard safe, doing everything in our power to keep the unthinkable from happening.
But SCIDRE? Don’t even get me started. They’ve been good at keeping secrets and covering up some pretty monumental experiments gone wrong.
It’s only a matter of time.

I envy the mainstream population for their ignorance.
I, on the other hand, tend to obsess over the impending end of the world, the apocalypse the people in charge deny is possible. But I’ve grown up being told it’s inevitable. I’ve been trained to survive it, though, honestly, I’m not certain anyone can.
My odds are better than most.
In theory.

Author's Note: This book is a standalone as far as the romance story goes, but the zombie theme in the background will carry over into other books in the future series. That being said, this book will leave you with a few unanswered questions, for now.

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Jay Terry heard the collective gasp from the audience when the announcer told them he’d drawn Incubus. He asked the crowd if they thought Jay would be able to ride the meanest bull on the rodeo circuit and walk away with the National Bull Riding Championship title for the third year in a row.
Based on the way Jay nearly wore a path in the boards behind the chutes, or the fact that he threw up before almost every ride—he’d witnessed friends die—people would probably guess he didn’t like what he did, but they’d be wrong. Climbing onto a huge, ill-tempered, muscle-bound beast intent on getting you off his back and grind you into hamburger would make any sane person nervous. So, yes, the pre-ride jitters got to him, but he’d rather die than give up that adrenaline rush.
Back to what the announcer asked. Win? Yes, Jay gave Incubus the most perfect eight second ride the crowd had ever seen, but then it was the bull’s turn to astonish the audience. Jay didn’t walk away.

Gilligan Baker was always the black sheep of the family, nothing like her four perfect siblings. They all wanted good grades, academic awards, and scholarships. She wanted … a good time. When everyone in town invites you to their parties, tells you how much fun, or how pretty you are, when all it takes is a certain look to have any boy, or man, falling at your feet—it would be a waste not use the assets with which she’d been born.
So, that’s what she did, until she graduated without a scholarship, anyway. She’d grown up in a house where they all knew from the get-go, once you turned eighteen, you were on your own, so with her grades, her choices were limited, college was out. She had to decide between working at the fast food joint down on the corner, or take that nanny job her sister hooked her up with.
Now, on the run, afraid for her life, she’s unsure what’ll happen to the poor baby she’s carrying, wishing she’d decided to flip burgers.

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A mysterious whispering from ruins deep within the jungle pulls Sunna from the trance that has held her mind hostage for years.Kael, the young prince, seeks adventure outside the palace walls and is also drawn to the jungle. There, he meets Sunna, and their fates become intertwined.When three dangerous men come to their land and begin their hunt for a missing fugitive, the secrets that have shielded both Sunna and Kael are nearly revealed, and supernatural events threaten to destroy everything they’ve worked to create—leaving their lives in ruins.

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Recipe for the Perfectly Simmered Romance

2 Men
1 Woman
1 Annual Tropical Paradise
6 Thanksgiving holidays, one per year
A Pinch of Betrayal
A Twist of Overbearing Characters
Season with Hope, to taste

Mix well, 1 man and the woman. Add second man, but keep separate. Sprinkle all three with Tropical Paradise and first Thanksgiving holiday. The single man may seem sour, but don’t give up. Add each additional Thanksgiving holiday, one year at a time. You will start to see some maturing, and eyes beginning to open, which means it’s time to add a pinch of Betrayal, and stir the pot. Next, add a little Hope, grease the story with a little alcohol, a pinch of scuba, and garnish with a twist of overbearing sub-characters. Obsessions are optional.

Keep reading at 90 degrees, and enjoy.

My Belief or Yours
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My Belief or Yours

Empower children, teens, and adults with critical thinking skills. The authors have children ranging from 5 yrs old to adult. This book was designed to have something for everyone. The pictures are more to engage younger children, but the story, study guide and concepts are more for independent readers 11 to adult. In this story, learn about confirmation bias, cognitive dissonance, and closed vs. open thinking from a group of Venusians who have been taught that apples can only be green. What happens when Venusians see a red apple tree on Mars? Will they consider the evidence and change their belief system?

How will their family and friends react to their new ideas? Do we use critical thinking skills with our deeply held belief systems, political ideologies and/or faiths? Includes a glossary and discussion questions to address these subjects. Discussion questions are based on Janja Lalich’s, PhD., Bounded Choice Model., as well as Steven Hassan’s, PhD., BITE model.

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