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Hi, and welcome to my website. 

I'm S. Jackson Rivera, author of the Wet Series and more. 

Feel free to browse the site and discover more about me.


S Jackson Rivera grew up on a ranch in eastern Oregon, swimming at the local hot springs; riding horses, which even included herding cattle; chasing wild kittens; and daydreaming. She feels fortunate to have made a career of that last one--Best job ever!


Still a small town girl at heart, she's adjusted to the city life--okay, so maybe not the NYC kind of city life--but coming from a 'wide spot in the road', with a population of 320 ...

She now resides in Utah, learning how to survive without her husband, her "Own Personal Hero", who passed away in 2021 of colorectal cancer. Get your colonoscopy! Please! 

An avid scuba diver, Susan is always anticipating the next dive trip. When she's not traveling, you can find her enjoying her growing family and writing books that are probably too steamy for Utah, but not streamy enough for the rest of the world. 


Look for her on Facebook: "S Jackson Rivera Author". You're sure to find her as she spends far too much time there. Instagram and Tiktok, too.

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